Introducing Roadway: the first growth marketing analytics and automation platform

Unlock faster and more efficient revenue growth with analytics and automation purpose-built for growth marketing.
May 28, 2024

Say hello to Roadway, the first analytics and automation platform purpose-built for growth marketing teams, by growth marketing leaders from Webflow and Notion.

Growth marketing teams often have one of the largest budgets and are a core driver of revenue within companies, yet the tools we use to deploy those budgets, measure impact, and scale those channels are stuck in the past.

So we set out to build the solution we wish we had - one designed to help us build out, scale, and optimize our growth channels effectively.

Legacy tools to build, understand, and scale growth engines are holding us back

The challenges growth marketing teams face across companies are common, which stem from tools in our workflows that are built for different purposes.

• Teams track too many metrics and incorrectly attribute customers

• Growth marketers can’t access the right data when they need it

• Growth-focused insights to drive the right actions are expensive to scale

They lead to a huge amount of time wasted, millions in wasted marketing spend, and countless missed revenue opportunities. Teams that solve these problems grow faster and more efficiently, but most companies don’t have internal expertise or resources required to solve this with current tools.

Metric and attribution modeling, self-serve analytics, and automation — without the legwork

At Roadway we’ve focused on eliminating these problems for growth marketers at all companies so you can grow faster and more efficiently. Connect a few simple tables in your data warehouse, and Roadway does the work for you.

• Automatic modeling for metrics and attribution focused on the growth levers that matter to your business.

• Self-serve analytics from your data warehouse for quickly building dashboards, reports, and more to power your workflows.

• Automated metric and funnel analysis for growth-focused insights and recommended actions to optimize and scale faster.

Automatic modeling for metrics and growth levers that matter to your business

The reality is every business can be simplified to a growth formula, and within that formula, there are a handful of metrics and growth levers teams should track — almost everything else is a distraction.

But it’s not easy. This is why we’ve built Roadway to define your growth formula, and automatically model your data so you can focus on the metrics and attribution levers that matter to your business.

Self-serve access to the source-of-truth data, in a simple workspace

Data-driven teams are only effective if you have marketing, product, and revenue data joined together, direct from your source of truth. As you scale, that becomes your data warehouse. But don’t worry, we meet you where you are, connect a few basic tables and we map those to our flexible schema so you don’t need to spend days prepping your data to get started.

Roadway automates semantic layer creation for your key metrics and growth levers, making all of your metrics self-serve in a simple workspace so you can build dashboards, reports, and answer ad-hoc questions quickly.

Multi-step growth analysis and insight automation (+ recommended actions!)

It’s not enough to just have the right data available to you; the most important part is interpreting that data correctly and choosing the right actions to take from the insights.

That’s why every Roadway workspace has a personalized Growth Marketing Copilot that understands your business, data, and growth formula to surface insights and recommend actions — with specific tactical ideas for optimizing and scaling.

We tuned the rules-engine of your copilot to our previous experiences at Notion and Webflow and with guidance from the best growth marketers in the world, so your team can automate with confidence to build leaner and more effective teams.

Announcing Roadway Private Beta

Today we’re launching Roadway into Private Beta — this release sets the foundation for the first growth marketing analytics and automation platform. Teams like Notion, Graphite, and Eraser are already using Roadway to maximize their growth marketing channels.

While we see Roadway today as a leap forward for growth marketing teams, it’s only a small step toward our vision, and we have plans for some awesome products we think you'll love.

If you’re interested in using Roadway on your team, please join the waitlist.